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An Argument with Your Partner May Result in a Number of Charges

Imagine you are driving to a dinner party with your wife. You are running late. You are both irritated with the other. You both believe the other is the cause for being late. You are bickering on the drive over. Your partner gets frustrated and picks up their cellphone and says s/he is going to call the host and cancel. You grab the cellphone to prevent her from doing so. She yells at you to give it back and starts punching you in the arm. You put your hand out to stop her from hitting you because you are driving. In anger you say that she'd better stop hitting you or she'll regret it. She gets even more upset and demands you pull over and let her out. You are concerned for her safety of dropping her on the side of the road at night and decided to find a parking lot to pull into some distance down the road to try and talk and calm things down.

Criminal mischief: What it is, what it means for your child

No parent wants to hear that their child has gotten into trouble. It can be especially upsetting when he or she is accused of breaking the law.

Several things can be going through a parent's mind in this situation. You can be scared, angry and embarrassed. You may be worried about what the allegation means and how serious it is, especially if it is a charge with which you are unfamiliar. This can often be the case when a child is accused of criminal mischief.


La majorité des gens sont pris à rester à la maison. Toutes activités sont annulées. Ceux-ci sont quelqu'une des raisons pour laquelle le taux d'accusations criminelles en Ontario a diminué de plus de 60%. Cependant, avec les gens constamment chez eux, le taux d'accusation de violence conjugale a monté.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms: What is it?

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or the Charter, is a bill of rights that forms part of our Constitution. It was enacted in 1982, and guarantees civil rights to everyone in Canada from the actions of state actors. It ensures that the Government, and those that act on behalf of the Government, respect the rights of all Canadians. In addition to setting out what our rights are as Canadians, or people living in Canada, it also creates remedies for when state actors abuse those rights.

Getting back on track after a stunt driving offence

In recent weeks, there have been far fewer vehicles on streets and highways across Ontario. Some drivers see these open roads as an opportunity to engage in some dangerous driving.

Because of this, police are cracking down on dangerous driving behaviours, including stunt driving. As such, it could be more likely for someone to get stopped for this offence and face harsh penalties. However, there are ways to recover from this type of infraction.

4 ways your teen could get into trouble at home

Teenagers are spending a lot more time at home than they may typically spend. And for many kids, this time at home can contribute to feelings of boredom, loneliness and frustration. As is the case with any new experience in adolescence, some teens handle difficult situations better than others do.

For instance, some young people still manage to get into trouble without ever leaving the house when they engage in the following activities at home.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

As most people - within the criminal justice system or not - are aware, one of the cornerstones of our system is that an individual is presumed innocent unless their guilt has been established beyond a reasonable doubt. But what may be less clear for most people is, what does "beyond a reasonable doubt" mean? It's not a term that you can just simply look up in the dictionary. And while people may think they know what it means, it is a legal term that has significant consequence for accused persons.


Every politician wants to deflect the blame for the Corona virus crisis we are in to someone other than themselves. It is no secret that approximately half of the deaths from Corona virus occurred in homes of facilities for senior citizens in Ontario. The premier of Quebec has labelled a horrible number of deaths at a seniors home as criminal.


The present lock down in Ontario, people staying home, and the cancellation of many activities is the primary reason that criminal charges in Ontario are down by over 60% in many jurisdictions. With people constantly in their homes there's one type of criminal offence which has spiked upwards in activity in this recent period, Spousal assaults.

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