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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

As most people - within the criminal justice system or not - are aware, one of the cornerstones of our system is that an individual is presumed innocent unless their guilt has been established beyond a reasonable doubt. But what may be less clear for most people is, what does "beyond a reasonable doubt" mean? It's not a term that you can just simply look up in the dictionary. And while people may think they know what it means, it is a legal term that has significant consequence for accused persons.


Every politician wants to deflect the blame for the Corona virus crisis we are in to someone other than themselves. It is no secret that approximately half of the deaths from Corona virus occurred in homes of facilities for senior citizens in Ontario. The premier of Quebec has labelled a horrible number of deaths at a seniors home as criminal.


The present lock down in Ontario, people staying home, and the cancellation of many activities is the primary reason that criminal charges in Ontario are down by over 60% in many jurisdictions. With people constantly in their homes there's one type of criminal offence which has spiked upwards in activity in this recent period, Spousal assaults.

Les nouvelles accusations de conduire avec les facultés affaiblies (par la drogues)

Lorsque le gouvernement libéral a décidé de légaliser la marijuana, le gouvernement a aussi clairement indiqué qu'il apporterait également des modifications aux lois sur la conduite avec facultés affaiblies par la drogue. Ces changements sont entrés en vigueur le 17 octobre 2018. Les changements les plus importants sont les suivants:

Can My Wife or Husband Testify Against Me at Trial?

Spousal Privilege, the legal doctrine that prohibited a spouse from testifying against their partner, dates back to the 19th Century. This "privilege", which existed at common law, created the spousal incompetency rule, which codified the privilege. Spouses could not testify against their partner, even if they wanted to.

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