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The Offence of Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration

Section 286.1 of the Criminal Code is part of the new prostitution laws in Canada.  It makes it an offence to obtain for consideration, or communicate with anyone for the purpose of obtaining for consideration, the sexual services of a person.  The provision criminalizes the purchasing of sexual services but not the selling.  It was enacted in 2014 in response to the Supreme Court of Canada's decision in Bedford to strike down a number of prosititution-related prohibitions.  

New Prostitution Laws on the Way

On October 30, Bayne Sellar Boxall partner Ian Carter, attended the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs to discuss Bill C-36: An Act to amend the Criminal Code in response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Attorney General of Canada v. Bedford) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts (also known as the Protection of Communities and Exploited Person's Act). The Bill, which is a response to the Supreme Court's decision striking down of three prostitution-related criminal offences, intends to provide a new regime for prostitution in Canada.

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