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Conduite inattentive

La conduite inattentive est devenue une épidémie nationale. Les lois ontariennes sur la conduite inattentive sont plus sévères que jamais et il est important que les conducteurs prennent au sérieux les conséquences potentielles de cette infraction.

Novice Drivers - BEWARE!

Ontario Regulation 339/94 [Regulation] is a regulation under the Highway Traffic Act which governs the demerit point system which all Ontario drivers are familiar with. Depending on if you are a fully licenced driver (G or M) or a novice driver (G1, G2, M1, and M2), the amount of demerit points that you accumulate and the manner in which you accumulate them can have severe repercussions on your licence. It is important to note that demerit points remain on your record for 2 years. Therefore, when we are dealing with "accumulated demerit points" we are referring to a 2 year window.

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