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Timely Legal Advice in Sexual Assault Investigations is Imperative

If you are being investigated or under suspicion for sexual assault (or any other criminal charge) - read this blog. This article will examine a sexual assault investigation and how you, the suspect can protect your rights and freedoms.

Entrapment Defence Sets Free Two in Terrorism Case

A British Columbia couple convicted of terrorism charges have had their verdicts tossed out in a court decision that criticized the investigators for their "egregious" conduct in manipulating naive suspects into carrying out a police-manufactured crime. In R. v. Nutall, Justice Bruce concluded that without the heavy-handed involvement of undercover officers, it would have been impossible for Nuttall and Korody to articulate, craft and execute a terrorist bomb plot. Ultimately, their role in carrying out the plan was minuscule compared to what the police had to do. The judge noted that "[i]t was the police who were the leaders of the plot."

When your dog assaults someone

In Ottawa, the owner of a dog can be charged when his or her dog bites a person or a domestic animal. Section 27 of the Ottawa Bylaw No. 2003-77 [Bylaw] indicates that; "No owner of a dog shall permit the dog to bite or attack without provocation a person or domestic animal"

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