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Experienced Defence For Your Firearms’ Offences

If convicted of a firearm offence you could be facing serious jail time. Matters get complicated if there are other related charges associated such as robbery or murder, and if so your minimum prison sentence might be increased. Bayne Sellar Ertel Carter, in Ottawa, is comprised of lawyers who have over 150 years of combined experience in handling such difficult cases with a creative approach.

As a first-time offender, it might be overwhelming to follow the steps involved in the criminal justice system. Our lawyers offer guidance every step of the way and provide honest assessments based on their extensive knowledge and skill.

Research, Preparation And Experts

Our preparation includes investigating the important aspects of your firearm charge, which if ignored may be a serious oversight on the part of the lawyer. After reviewing the evidence against you, we gather the relevant facts such as:

  • Did you use the firearm or is your charge based on possession?
  • Are you charged for careless storage of a firearm?
  • Are you charged for possession of prohibited firearms?
  • Was the accused illegally searched by the police?
  • Was the firearm used for self-defence?
  • Are you a repeat offender or do you have a past record?

We also hire experts and investigators to offer expert opinions that can help reconstruct what happened, or what could have happened based on the evidence demonstrated. Our defence lawyers do not hesitate to bring a constitutional argument on your behalf.

Do Not Allow A Firearm Charge To Violate Your Rights

To discuss your constitutional rights and other defence options, call us at 613-604-2188 or 1-877-786-4479. We can also be reached via our online contact form provided for your convenience. Our lawyers can also visit you in jail, if necessary. We have successfully served many clients in Ottawa and eastern Ontario.

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